The Bigfoot Trail Route – A Warning

The Bigfoot Trail is just a concept as of 2018. In essence it does not exist in the field and its name has been chosen to present the information contained in this website and route description as a suggested way to travel by foot through the Klamath Mountains. The suggested route is comprised of existing hiking trails and vehicle roads on public lands as a legal rights-of-way through private lands. Any person electing to follow the Bigfoot Trail does so voluntarily, yet exclusively, for the enjoyment of one of the most diverse and wild temperate coniferous forests on Earth.

Should you choose to act on any of the information contained on this website, you hereby acknowledge that we in no way guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or advisability of this information and assume no responsibility for its use or misuse. Remember, conditions in the field can change, sometimes quickly.

If you choose to download this route description, you should use it as an overall approach to traveling through this remote reagion. Please do not assume the guide is an endorsement of a particular road, trail, creek crossing, etc.

By establishing this route, we believe it will raise a higher awareness for this little known corner of the world called the Klamath Mountains—in essence promoting greater future sustainability for this botanical wonderland. Do this hike for the plants! And please maintain safety and leave no trace ethics in the backcountry.

Please use this guidebook and website information at your own risk.

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