Birds along the Bigfoot Trail* from 6/13/09-7/7/09

*only the inland birds…no birds from the last mile along the Pacific Ocean

great blue heron western screech-owl olive sided-flycatcher mountain chickadee European starling white-crowned sparrow
Canada goose great horned owl western wood-pewee chestnut-backed chickadee orange-crowned warbler Bullock’s oriole
mallard common nighthawk dusky flycatcher bushtit nashville warbler western meadowlark
hooded merganser common poorwill Hammond’s flycatcher white-breasted nuthatch yellow arbler red-winged balckbird
turkey vulture belted kingfisher pacific-slope flycatcher red-breasted nuthatch Townsend’s warbler Brewer’s blackbird
cooper’s hawk white-throated swift black phoebe brown creeper Black-throated gray warbler red crossbill
sharp-shinned hawk Vaux’s swift ash-throated flycatcher Bewick’s wren hermit warbler evening grosebeak
red-shouldered hawk Anna’s hummingbird western kingbird winter wren yellow-rumped warbler house finch
red-tailed hawk Calliope’s hummingbird Cassin’s vireo house wren MacGillivary’s warbler purple finch
osprey Allen’s hummingbird warbling vireo rock wren Wilson’s warbler Cassin’s finch
golden eagle norther flicker Stellar’s jay American dipper yellow-breasted chat lesser goldfinch
bald eagle acorn woodpecker scrub jay wrentit western tanager American goldfinch
American kestrel whited-headed woodpecker gray jay golden-crowned kinglet lazuli bunting pine siskin
peregrine falcon Lewis’s woodpecker Clark’s nutcracker ruby-crowned kinglet black-headed grosebeak house sparrow
ruffed grouse downy woodpecker American crow blue-gray gnatcatcher spotted towhee
sooty grouse hairy woodpecker common raven mountain bluebird green-tailed towhee
California quail white-headed woodpecker tree swallow western bluebird chipping sparrow
mountain quail pileated woodpecker violet-green swallow Townsend’s solitaire grasshopper sparrow
spotted sandpiper red-breasted sapsucker rough-winged swallow varied thrush fox sparrow
rock dove barn swallow American robin song sparrow
band-tailed pigeon cliff swallow Swainson’s thrush dark eyed junco
mourning dove oak titmouse hermit thrush Lincoln’s sparrow
















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