Brian Tanzman

  • I actually don’t think it worked too well for them. Blisterfree did tell me that they took an Uber from Chico but the driver freaked out later on when she lost signal, etc and I believe gave up about 12 miles from the trailhead and they had to guess on a price. Although, given how remote the trailhead is, 12 miles away isn’t too bad. He thought…[Read more]

  • Hey, so don’t rely on this since I haven’t tried this yet, but in planning for my September hike this is what I’m looking at. Greyhound goes into Red Bluff, CA so that gets you fairly close. Instead of using the route drawn on the BFT maps to the Ides Cove trailhead I am looking at the north route on M22 that is also on the BFT map and covered by…[Read more]

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