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    I liked having the wilderness maps for each individual wilderness area – I cut the Trinity map to make it more manageable. They’re still 1:60,000 or so, but then you have context for the hike. You can see what peaks you’re looking at, and possible alternate routes in case you need to get out. We had more detailed maps for Siskiyou but otherwise…[Read more]

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    Emily and I saw four bears in two days in the Siskiyou wilderness and had a bear try to approach camp at one point. We always hung bags, but I do think that the Siskiyou bears are more bold than most! I carried bear spray for the first time in many years, and it gave me a sense of comfort, though I was mostly glad that I didn’t need to use it. If…[Read more]

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    Just finished the hike (north to south, so opposite the BFT map direction) and generally the water was more plentiful than on the maps. The only concern I had was in the Yolla Bollys and there were little streams everywhere, especially on the Humboldt Trail. Water was scarce in the Siskiyous near Baldy Peak, along the Wild Mad Road leading to the…[Read more]

  • Also: all creek crossings were good and pretty safe. Eightmile, Harrington, and Clear creeks maybe 2’6″ max deep and running swiftly.

  • As of June 1: Coming up from Harrington Creek, everything was pretty straightforward (with GPX) until maybe 1.5 miles below Baldy Peak, where painful bushwacking ensued. Distances were hard to tell – it took us maybe an hour to go about 1/2 mile. But it’s doable! Then a section through burn which was ok but had a ton of down wood and was very dry.…[Read more]

  • Two things to note about Little Bald Hills Backcountry Campground: 1) there is no water! 2) you need a permit – probably not a big deal unless you’re there over a busy weekend.

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    Emily (above) and I are now hiking it north to south, starting in Crescent City, on Sunday May 29. So Luke: perhaps we will see you as we cross paths! We are skipping one section (the Trinities-Hayfork-Hwy36/3); plan to take 27 days with a couple of small side explorations (to North Yolla Bolly Peak, Raspberry Lake). Woo hoo!

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