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    Heather Houskeeper

    I am considering a thru-hike during the month of September into October- is this a wise/pleasant time to hike the trail? I am wondering how cold it may be and what the precipitation may be like. Thanks for your help!



    Heather, I’m planning to hike the trail in September, as well. I have been looking up a lot of average weather patterns for that time of year, just to see what usually happens around that time of year. It does get a little cooler at night, but not under 40 degrees… on average, of course. I tried looking up averages at different points along the trail, obviously because higher elevations will be colder. It all doesn’t seem to be unbearable, and precipitation is at a minimum, on average. I am hoping this fall will stay very typical and not have a surprise monsoon or something! *knocking lots of wood*
    I hope that helps you, somewhat. I am really debating what extra gear to bring, as I want to stay as light as possible but don’t want to be UNDER-prepared.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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