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    Scott Parks


    I’ve put together some resources for the BFT. If anyone would like to contribute, way points, etc, let me know! The trail trace used is the same one used at on the interactive map at bigfoottrail.org.

    Google Map. Select way points for trail section locations:

    OnLine data book with elevation charts, 400+ locations, climate data for every section and month of the year, trail break down by land cover, geology, etc:

    A set of 55 topo maps in PDF at 1:28K scale, major/minor contours of 200/40 with elevation chart at the bottom of each map:

    Hope that helps folks out!
    Scott Parks


    Mary Kwart

    Hi, Scott:

    I hiked the trail in 2015. I made a water chart spreadsheet for all the water sources on the BFT. It is in Excel but it would be great if it were on Google sheets–then people could update it as they hike in real time. I just hiked the Oregon Desert Trail and that is how they get up to date water reports. That and a lot of other BFT info is in my dropbox, including a lot of waypoints, if you’re interested–here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6n7te3w7xcskwt6/AACoO8V8VuiAZhtfZT3TbwtLa?dl=0


    Scott Parks

    Thanks for sharing this great info Mary!

    Do you have a version of the water report spreadsheet with a lat/lon column? Mileages aren’t exact locations and are open to interpretation.

    In your detailed journal doc I can probably extract the lat/lon and descriptions. Are those locations something you collected or did they come from another source?

    Your info is great and I’d like to incorporate into what I have.



    Mary Kwart

    Hi, Scott–all the waypoints are ones I personally took on the trail. I have no lat long column on the spreadsheet. That would definitely be something to add. I used the physical description from the BFT guide as well as the mileage to locate water sources. I found water sources not in the guide and those I waypointed–I think they are in the detailed journal. You are welcome to use what you can. I am glad someone is using it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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