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    Does anyone have any advice regarding getting to or from Ides Cove? In Buck30’s trail journal, he says that it’s potentially very challenging and he got a lucky hitch.

    My partner and I are planning to hike the BFT this summer, but are struggling to figure out Ides Cove logistics! We haven’t decided which direction we are hiking the trail, but it seems equally challenging either way.

    Buck30 suggested considering skipping the section between the Ides Cove Trailhead and the Canyon Creek Trailhead, and starting (or ending) at Canyon Creek, as getting to and from Junction City is much easier. We’re considering this option, but would prefer to hike the whole trail, rather than just most of it, if we can figure out the logistics!

    Any advice? Do we just need a very generous friend to drop us off, or are there other options? Should we just plan to walk/hitch the 45 miles from Red Bluff?



    I think you might be able to Uber from Chico or Corning, assuming the driver knows they will lose GPS on their phone…It is drive-able by 2wd almost to the trailhead. It is challenging to get there, but well worth the extra effort.



    We will definitely consider the Uber from Chico option. Google maps isn’t telling me it’s about a 2.5 hour drive. I’ve never used uber, but how much would that cost? It seems like it would have to be $400+ to make it worth the drivers time/gas. Not impossible, but definitely spendy!

    If we were to do the trail southbound, any feelings on how reasonable/unreasonable getting a hitch from the Trailhead to Corning or something would be? I guess we could always walk to Corning…



    Me and my friend will start at Ides Cove in late June. We’re planning on walking from Red Bluff or Corning, unless we can find a cab or hitch.

    Any other ideas than Uber are very welcome, and let me know if anyone will start around the same time.


    Vimal Golding

    Hope it all worked out for you guys. For future hikers looking at this one idea would be to post in the craigslist rideshare section asking for a ride out that way. I bet you’d get some takers for a lot cheaper than $400. I bet $100 would do the trick.


    Luke Brandy

    Absolutely DO NOT skip the Yolla Bolly/South Fork Trinity section. It is super wild, I did not see a single person in the YBs when I hiked the BFT in August 2016. Plus, JUNIPERS! Great wild flowers and stunted aspens. There are even young giant sequoias planted (not native to those parts in contemporary times) in the old clearcuts on the drive up to Ides Cove. Buck30 gives bad advice, this section will give you a chance to really get in touch with the trail, have some solitude, and get in a good head space before heading into the Disneyland crowds of the Trinity Alps. Wear pants! There are brushy spots in the YBs, but well worth it. You might be able to hitch part way, or pay a local to drive you up. Don’t skip the Yolla Bollys. Seriously, just dont.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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