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    Vimal Golding

    BFT season is on! My partner and I started in Crescent City on June 1st and the trail is clear of snow and river crossings are reasonable. The Harrington Mtn section is looking a lot better now that trail crews have done some work up there (thanks!). The section in clear creek is pretty slow going however due to the fire last summer. It is burned all the way from the top of west fork clear creek to trout camp, which makes for somewhat slow going. One could consider hitching to happy camp from greyback road (Bigfoot highway) to split up this long section. The only other thing of note is that the section along Wooley Creek is very rough and very poison oak choked. Wash often. Navigation can be a challenge here and there, we used a GPS App but map and compass might be more fun though certainly slower. Anyway feel free to ask me any questions and have fun and be safe out there!



    Hi! Did you hike the whole trail? I am wanting to start around the same time next year, but have been wondering about the weather. How cold did it get, did you have much rain/snow, and would you advise starting at that time, or going later? I live near the south end of the trail and was planning to start south and go north. I have some good cold weather gear, but am wanting more of an idea of what to expect. Thanks! -Elarra

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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