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    Bill Miller

    I’m Bill and this trail is calling to me. It could be the ruggedness of the description, the wildness of it. Maybe it’s the fact it was created by an ecologist and emphasizes a region of great biodiversity. Or perhaps, it’s my past connections living and working in Humboldt, Del Norte and Siskiyou counties. Whatever it is…it’s gotten under my skin and keeps itchin, nagging at me that I want to do this.

    I am planning on hiking most or all of the BFT in 2019. Most likely in late June or early July but may consider starting later in the season. I am opening to having a hiking partner or two – so let me know if you are interested.

    Along the way, I hope to contribute to the BFT iNaturalist project, helping to document some of the biodiversity of the Klamath region. Hitting the climate change photopoints should be relatively easy. Maybe I can help establish the photopoint in the Marble Mt Wilderness?

    Photo Monitoring

    A few years ago, I helped with a citizen science project by collecting samples of leaves and twigs from blue oaks and ghost pines for a drought/climate change study by Dr. Ackerly at Berkeley. I wonder if anybody is doing something similar for conifers in the Klamath?

    Last year, researchers on were looking for samples of big leaf maple in order to develop a database to help stop timber poaching. I didn’t have time to volunteer with them last year but I am keeping an eye on their needs for 2019. They also have a pollinator study and a wildlife connectivity study listed on their website.

    Let’s do this. Let’s hike this trail in the spirit of early naturalists and explorers.

    Go crazy in peace, my friends,

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